Captain AK

Main nemesis of lieutenant united states. seeks to spread communism all over the world, destroying america in the process.


Served as a weapons specialist in the Soviet military. He comes from a family that has always played a prominent role in the communist party and enjoyed quite a bit of prosperity under Stalin. But following the death of Stalin and the backlash brought on from people like Nikita Khrushchev, his family fell from power. despite his family being disgraced he still had access to an incredible education and showed tremendous leadership skills and proved to be quite ambitious. So he proceeded to work his way up the military to try and restore his family’s standing. by the fall of the SOviet Union he had made it to the rank of captain. He blamed the fall on the weak leadership that followed Stalin and set out to sabotage the new capitalist endeavors in Russia, under the name of Captain AK. His attacks made him very popular amongst those still loyal to communism. He acquired the aid of two soldiers in his mission, the Sickle and Siberian Ghost. Eventually realizing that in order to restore the former communist utopia of Stalin that he must combat the evil corrupt influences of the united states. He is very arrogant/cocky. operates out of an abandoned soviet military base where hes been working for years to develop a serum to bring back stalin. He is known for the two modified AK-47’s he uses. depending on the situation he can use his guns in different ways.


Captain AK

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